Willamette West Habitat for Humanity
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Women Build 2019

women build
“We use to play with houses...
Now we build them”

The need is great, but it can be met. Women can be part of the solution. Women Build challenges and empowers women to build secure, healthy housing where children can flourish.

Safe, decent housing is critical to a child’s health and development, yet children are the single largest age group living in poverty. In Washington County alone, more than 140,000 children - one out of every six - live in poverty. You can help change this statistic, one home at a time.

Women Build is not about excluding men; it is about including women. Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build program enables women to discover for themselves that they can build Habitat for Humanity homes with NO construction experience necessary!

Women Build - Mother’s Day weekend 2011
Women Build - Mother’s Day weekend 2011


Through participating in the project, women have the opportunity to gain skills and confidence by working with an all-women team of crew leaders, volunteers and tradeswomen in a supportive and empowering building environment.

A Fortune 50 company with more than 58 years in the business of home improvement, Lowe’s® is the national underwriter of the Women Build program. Lowe’s is also expanding much-needed training opportunities for women by offering workshops at Lowe’s stores, where you will be able to gain hands-on experience in basic construction techniques.


  Women Build Individuals Flyer    

Women Build Corporate/Team Flyer   



Thank you to these companies who are sponsoring Women Build 2019 with volunteers and donations:






CFG Wealth Management

Lewis & Clark Bank

Oregon Tradeswomen work on Willamette West Habitats first Women Build house;
built in 2006 in the Lindsay Lane neighborhood